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Toenail fungus Treatments in Mississauga

Transform Your Nails with Our Fungus Treatment Services

Get your pesky toenail fungus fixed and get your treatment done all year long.

Nail Fungus Treatment

What to expect from laser nail fungus treatment?

Non-medicated approach is…

Toenail Fungus Procedures at Youthful Derma

Every week soak feet in lukewarm salt water, then scrub the feet and clip/ file toenails carefully every 2-3 weeks as needed.

  • The treatment results may be SLOW but being CONSISTENT with treatment is the key!
  • Individual results may vary with each treatment
  • Yes, toenail fungus tends to grow on toenails more than fingernails for this specific reason.
  • Toenails are very slow growing and therefore, are more susceptible to fungal infections.
  • No, putting nail polish on is just a band aid cover up
  • It will conceal the infection, hindering diagnosis by doctors.
  • Regular polish, containing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, can exacerbate the fungal condition.
  • Opt for anti-fungal nail lacquers instead.
  • At our clinic we combine our laser and collaborate with your family doctor to give you the most effective and efficient results.
  • We also provide post care instructions.

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